Top 6 Points About Learning To Surf For Beginners

Want to learn how to surf? Hoping to go a long way without getting injured? If yes, then this post is for you. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about surfing and how you can learn how to surf like a pro. Keep reading to find out!

Surfing and what it’s about

It is quite obvious that surfing is not an easy practice and neither can it be done at home inside a swimming pool. When you have been exposed to the seas directly, the water waves come at high paces and then they collide with the body as well. It is quite obvious that the force of such waves are much more than the strength of your body can handle. If you are planning to become a surfer sometime soon, then do give these points a good read. We are going to highlight a few tips that can help you surf the right way.

1 # Going to a proper surf school

The best way to learn about surfing would be to take proper classes. And for proper classes we suggest you go to a proper surf school or a camp that will offer you plenty of advantages. First and foremost, see whether the teachers in the school are proper and professional. See if they have more experience than your friends. Secondly, see if they know how to teach and if the methods they are using are correct and efficient or not. A proper method must always be applied before you start learning how to surf.


2 # Take some time while learning

Always remember that no matter what you are trying to learn in life, all of it will take some time. So make sure you are ready to take some time off school or work and really devote yourself into surfing. In order to learn the basics and stay safe, you have to know how to surf the right way. Surfing is simple, fun and exciting. But for that you have to be patient. Once you have learnt it properly, only then can you become a pro at it.

3 # Know that the board is your best friend

Third, know that the board is your closest and best pal. You have to also consider the weight of the board before you start riding on it. You must spread your body out when you are riding the board. Also make sure that you are holding the right board when you start learning how to surf. If your board is not easy to ride, you will have a hard time learning. You really don’t want to lean too much on the board when the nose is underwater. You will have to wiggle down your body just a bit so that your body stays balanced.

4 # Surf alone the first month

One of the best advice we can provide to all beginners is that you must surf alone the first month. Either the instructor will surf on a separate board beside you or they will be on the same board as you are. A great way to preventing any drowing incidents that you can use in an air tube for further help. This will eliminate all the chances of sinking or drowning in water as it will float because of the lightness of the tube. We do recommend you learn to swim before trying to surf.

5 # Paddle It Out

The best and the only efficient way to catch some waves is by paddling hard when you are going after every wave. Paddling happens to be an easy and essential technique and you will have to develop the good amount of strength and technique so that you can propel yourself into the wave. You really don’t want to paddle using both hands at the same time. Otherwise you may not get proper propulsion that will tire you quick. What you should do in case is touse one arm at one time and make a cup with your hand.

6 # What you must always remember as a beginner?

Beginners must always use a leash around the ankle region which is also attached to the surf board. This is primarily because beginners will lose the board in case they do not do this. The water will also steal the board if it is not monitored closely. A safety nose guard may also be used to prevent any harm. Make sure you are going with a friend or a family member. If something bad has happened to you, you will be able to call someone for help. People who have mastered the sport may help you as well.

These points must always be remembered before you go surfing. Now that we have covered them extensively, you’re ready to learn how to surf!