What is Hotel Management Software?

best hotel management software

Giving the best possible service to customers is the top priority of many establishments. This is especially true for hotel managements because customers value hospitality from the staff. In order to do that, every possible strategy should be taken into consideration to gain the trust and loyalty of the customers.

With modern technology, there are so many applications and software that cater to all kinds of systems. Most services nowadays take advantage of what technology has to offer because of how convenient everything can become. One such service that can make good use of software would be hotel management.

When it comes to giving the best service possible to customers, it is only natural for companies who own hotels to invest in software that will help manage everything with ease. One hotel management software that companies can purchase would be the clock software.

What is Clock Software?

Clock software is a hotel management software that maximizes the capacity of a hotel management to provide quality services to their customers. For old-school hotel management, there would be a need for books or excel files to enter reservations on a daily basis. With a hotel management software like Clock software, everything can be digitized and organized accordingly. This would make the process of booking rooms faster, which in turn will waste less time and make customers satisfied.

One feature that hotel management software provides is guest engagement. This specific feature allows the hotel management to have contact with their guests so that they will know right away if there are any issues or inquiries that the customers might have. This way, problems will be resolved quickly and efficiently. This two-way guest engagement feature is the perfect opportunity for customers to share their concerns with the management so that they will have a better stay at the hotel.

Most hotel management software has built in financial and organizational features so that calculating costs and organizing files can be done faster and more accurately. There would be no need of flipping through pages and pages of bookings just to see if there is a vacant room.

Another thing that sets this software apart from the rest is their online distribution. This particular hotel management software is directly connected to Cloud so that all transactions will be available online. The following are some of the cloud-based features that hotel management software has:


  • Central Reservations & Management
  • Hotel Self Service App
  • Hotel Kiosk
  • Payment Processing
  • Event Management
  • Hotel Booking Engine
  • Integrated Channel Manager


All of these features are included in hotel management software such as clock software, which can make managing hotels easier and more cost efficient – all the while keeping the customers happy and loyal. Just like many establishments and companies nowadays, making good use of technology makes life a lot easier and it also brings a lot more revenue. With so many hotel management software available for purchase, why not take advantage of it because it is an investment a hotel company needs to make their business successful.