What is Hotel Management Software?

best hotel management software

Giving the best possible service to customers is the top priority of many establishments. This is especially true for hotel managements because customers value hospitality from the staff. In order to do that, every possible strategy should be taken into consideration to gain the trust and loyalty of the customers.

With modern technology, there are so many applications and software that cater to all kinds of systems. Most services nowadays take advantage of what technology has to offer because of how convenient everything can become. One such service that can make good use of software would be hotel management.

When it comes to giving the best service possible to customers, it is only natural for companies who own hotels to invest in software that will help manage everything with ease. One hotel management software that companies can purchase would be the clock software.

What is Clock Software?

Clock software is a hotel management software that maximizes the capacity of a hotel management to provide quality services to their customers. For old-school hotel management, there would be a need for books or excel files to enter reservations on a daily basis. With a hotel management software like Clock software, everything can be digitized and organized accordingly. This would make the process of booking rooms faster, which in turn will waste less time and make customers satisfied.

One feature that hotel management software provides is guest engagement. This specific feature allows the hotel management to have contact with their guests so that they will know right away if there are any issues or inquiries that the customers might have. This way, problems will be resolved quickly and efficiently. This two-way guest engagement feature is the perfect opportunity for customers to share their concerns with the management so that they will have a better stay at the hotel.

Most hotel management software has built in financial and organizational features so that calculating costs and organizing files can be done faster and more accurately. There would be no need of flipping through pages and pages of bookings just to see if there is a vacant room.

Another thing that sets this software apart from the rest is their online distribution. This particular hotel management software is directly connected to Cloud so that all transactions will be available online. The following are some of the cloud-based features that hotel management software has:


  • Central Reservations & Management
  • Hotel Self Service App
  • Hotel Kiosk
  • Payment Processing
  • Event Management
  • Hotel Booking Engine
  • Integrated Channel Manager


All of these features are included in hotel management software such as clock software, which can make managing hotels easier and more cost efficient – all the while keeping the customers happy and loyal. Just like many establishments and companies nowadays, making good use of technology makes life a lot easier and it also brings a lot more revenue. With so many hotel management software available for purchase, why not take advantage of it because it is an investment a hotel company needs to make their business successful.

Top 3 Phoenix RV Rental Companies

Rent a recreational vehicle in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the places in the country where you will find the beauty of nature through rock formations and deserts. For those who love an adventure, traveling all over Phoenix is something everyone should do at least once. From the Petrified Forest, Monument Valley, and the Cathedral Rock, there are so many tourist destinations to visit and enjoy. With that said, a great way to explore and get the full experience of Phoenix is by going on a camping road trip. RV rentals are available if anyone is interested to travel.

When renting an RV, there are many factors to consider before signing the deal. Customers should carefully choose the RV that they will be renting to avoid unnecessary inconveniences during the trip. The following are some of the things to look for when choosing RV rentals:

  • Standard Liquid Tanks
  • Heating and Air Conditioning System
  • Furnishings, Kitchenware, Towel, Linens, Etc.

With all of these things considered, the following are the top 3 Phoenix RV rental companies that customers can trust.

Best RV Rental Companies in Phoenix

Hightened Path RV Rentals

Hightened Path brings Phoenix RV rentals to new heights with their excellent customer service and quality RVs. What is so great about Hightened Path is their 24/7 customer support system. For those who have irregular schedules and are only finding the time to have inquiries in the middle of the night, their contact details are available round the clock. This RV rental company in Phoenix allows reservations through phone and emails.

Cruise America RV Rentals and Sales

Taking a trip all over America requires a trusted RV rental company and Cruise America RV Rentals and Sales is one of them. They have over one hundred locations that they serve all over the country. Aside from their RV rentals, they also sell RVs for customers who want to purchase their own RV to use long term. They have a variety of types of RVs that they rent to customers and they are as follows: Compact, Standard, Large, and Truck Camper. It all depends on the preference and need of the customer.

El Monte RV

El Monte RV is an RV rental company in Phoenix that customers can rely on when they are looking for quality vehicles. They serve the following areas in Arizona: Phoenix, Mesa, New River, Peoria, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, and many more. For customers who make reservations of their RV rentals, they can enjoy a variety of attractions that are outside of Phoenix such as the Old Tucson Studios. With their forty years of experience as an RV rental company, El Monte RV is definitely one of the best RV rental companies.

These top three RV rental companies in Phoenix really do live up to the expectations of RV rentals. Hightened Path, Cruise America RV Rentals and Sales, and El Monte RV provide quality services and excellent customer support to make a camping trip an experience worth remembering.

How to Choose the Right Campervan When in Australia

When considering hiring a campervan or a motorhome in Australia, it’s crucial to think about the car that best suits your need. However, the first thing you need to consider is the cost. To be able to enjoy fully and take advantage of what option you go for when finding the right vehicles for your camping adventure, you need to compare the costs and the facilities that each vehicle offers.

It is, however, best to start with the number of people you will be traveling with. That will help you decide on the size you need. Once you have that, then you can choose the vehicles that provide the exactly what you want. Now, you will need to look at other factors.

For example, you will need to check the types of the bond they require. Is it too expensive or manageable for a start? Apart from that, try and find out why there is a huge price disparity. Ask the various service or vehicle providers to justify their charges. Find out what is all inclusive and what are options as this can help you control the final cost of either leasing or buying the camping vehicle. If you are hiring several cars, then you can demand discounts. And last but most certainly not least, what are the other rental costs and taxes to be paid?

Picnic by RV

It’s very tedious to evaluate estimates. It’s another story when it comes to making the decision on the type of car. To be able to get what you rent or purchase and derive maximum benefit from the car that you need, think about what will make your trips as comfortable as possible.

In this case, you will start off by looking at your traveling party. You will need to determine their needs. For example, if you are traveling with kids, then you will need to consider their individual needs like entertainment units, and child seats, etc.

You also must consider other options like showers, toilets, kitchen, etc. If you are visiting campsites where these are available, then you can omit some of these options from your list. But this makes sense if you are renting. If you are buying, including this in your list of choices is better as you never know when you might visit places where there are not campsites.

Something else you need to consider is if you need a two wheel driven vehicle or a four wheel is driven a car. This will depend on the places you intend to visit. Start with your lifestyle and whether you are renting or buying the campervan. If renting then you can opt for the car you need for that particular expedition. If you are buying then, your choice depends on the places you want to go which is more dependent on your lifestyle. This is the main things you need to make the right choice for your camping vehicle. Campervanfinder.com.au will help you get the best one for you.

3 Must-Do Activities When in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe, located in California, is a really beautiful and clear lake which splashes water and happiness all around. It is a great place to vacation to, especially in the spring/summer months. Here are some activities that we recommend you take part in when visiting Lake Tahoe.  These activities can be really exciting for you and your family. Here are the most amazing activities.


Parasailing is the water activity in which a boat tows the person attached to the para-sail wing which allows the person to ride higher above water. It is always good for you to ensure that you get the basic idea of the things related with it, so that it becomes easier for you to do the activity without much help. Here are some of the things that you should be knowing about it so that you can have an amazing parasailing experience while at Lake Tahoe.

The first thing you should do is to get yourself acquainted with the various equipment which are used for ensuring safety and a good experience while riding. All the safety and the riding devices are necessary for guaranteeing the safety of the para-sailor while in the air. It can even ensure that landing can be made really smooth. It is necessary for you to know how each of these pieces of equipment work. You should gather all this information so that it can be easier for you to do this activity. Para-sailor and also the boat captain need to check that all the parasailing gear are safely secured before taking off. It is necessary to ensure that the person wears all the safety gear like a life jacket and harness. It is good for you to ensure that you choose an instructor with good experience and reputation.

You should also be very sure that weather is perfect for parasailing. It is good for you to choose the parasailing trip which is dependent on water and weather conditions. There should be consistent wind which can keep the para-sail afloat but if the weather is bad with severe wind and rain then the flight can derail. A clear day that has consistent sun is best as it is something that allows for maximum visibility. You should know safety procedures for parasailing so that you may be able to enjoy yourself in the best way possible.


Boat in Lake Tahoe

Boating is probably the most popular activity to do when visiting Lake Tahoe. You should be sure that you choose boating when the local weather conditions before it is departure. It is good for getting the best radio and TV forecasts which can be greater sources of information. If you find darkening clouds and rough winds it is best to avoid boating.

It is suggested that you book with a very good and reputable boating charter so that you can be sure about your safety while boating. If you are looking to spend a day with friends, make sure you only do business with a reputable Lake Tahoe boat rental company. It is good for you to prepare yourself for boating. There are so many things that you should ensure so that you need not have to worry with the boating at all. There should be proper safety steps taken care and all the features in the boat should also be well set. You should be prepared for any mishap that may happen in the water.

When you are boating, you should be very much good with common sense. It is something operating at the safer speed at all the times. You should be staying alert all the time and should be ready to deal with the things in finest way. It is good to be really ready and in proper preparation for dealing with the context well and in best way possible. Using common sense can always make things work for you in finest way. There is no point for being in the mood that you just want to enjoy. It can make things much harder for you. Your way of dealing with the things may make a huge difference can be fine for you.

Water Skiing

Water skiing is something that is widely misunderstood. Many of the individuals have tried water skiing the wrong way and then have given it a bad rep. It is much easier to just give up but when you do this activity on the lake with your friends it is going to be really amazing. There are a few things that you should know if you are doing water skiing. If you are beginner, you should know this and then apply this when you are there on water surface.

Body position is very important as it is key for balance. Balance is something achieved when the body position on the water ski is distributed evenly. A better position can allow body weight to get supported on the inside balls of the feet which can help for keeping knees slightly bent and also together.

Position of the ski is also another factor of consideration. It is necessary for you to ensure that the body and also ski actually points towards that direction in which it wants to actually go. It is good for facing wake head on. It is good for making sure that there is enough force applied on lower body and then ski through wakes with both feet first. You may have the feeling that the feet goes first does not actually mean that you should lean back with upper body. You can keep weight on balls on feet and not on heels. The ultimate goal you should have is to ski through water on the edge. As you practice you will be able to ski faster with ease. Make sure that you start slow in beginning and when your confidence level increases, you may be able to tackle more advanced movements and even tricks. If you want you can even get lesson on water skiing, or simply learn on your own. Hopefully this article gave you some insight on what you can do when visiting Lake Tahoe, and we hope you enjoy it there!

Top 6 Points About Learning To Surf For Beginners

Want to learn how to surf? Hoping to go a long way without getting injured? If yes, then this post is for you. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about surfing and how you can learn how to surf like a pro. Keep reading to find out!

Surfing and what it’s about

It is quite obvious that surfing is not an easy practice and neither can it be done at home inside a swimming pool. When you have been exposed to the seas directly, the water waves come at high paces and then they collide with the body as well. It is quite obvious that the force of such waves are much more than the strength of your body can handle. If you are planning to become a surfer sometime soon, then do give these points a good read. We are going to highlight a few tips that can help you surf the right way.

1 # Going to a proper surf school

The best way to learn about surfing would be to take proper classes. And for proper classes we suggest you go to a proper surf school or a camp that will offer you plenty of advantages. First and foremost, see whether the teachers in the school are proper and professional. See if they have more experience than your friends. Secondly, see if they know how to teach and if the methods they are using are correct and efficient or not. A proper method must always be applied before you start learning how to surf.


2 # Take some time while learning

Always remember that no matter what you are trying to learn in life, all of it will take some time. So make sure you are ready to take some time off school or work and really devote yourself into surfing. In order to learn the basics and stay safe, you have to know how to surf the right way. Surfing is simple, fun and exciting. But for that you have to be patient. Once you have learnt it properly, only then can you become a pro at it.

3 # Know that the board is your best friend

Third, know that the board is your closest and best pal. You have to also consider the weight of the board before you start riding on it. You must spread your body out when you are riding the board. Also make sure that you are holding the right board when you start learning how to surf. If your board is not easy to ride, you will have a hard time learning. You really don’t want to lean too much on the board when the nose is underwater. You will have to wiggle down your body just a bit so that your body stays balanced.

4 # Surf alone the first month

One of the best advice we can provide to all beginners is that you must surf alone the first month. Either the instructor will surf on a separate board beside you or they will be on the same board as you are. A great way to preventing any drowing incidents that you can use in an air tube for further help. This will eliminate all the chances of sinking or drowning in water as it will float because of the lightness of the tube. We do recommend you learn to swim before trying to surf.

5 # Paddle It Out

The best and the only efficient way to catch some waves is by paddling hard when you are going after every wave. Paddling happens to be an easy and essential technique and you will have to develop the good amount of strength and technique so that you can propel yourself into the wave. You really don’t want to paddle using both hands at the same time. Otherwise you may not get proper propulsion that will tire you quick. What you should do in case is touse one arm at one time and make a cup with your hand.

6 # What you must always remember as a beginner?

Beginners must always use a leash around the ankle region which is also attached to the surf board. This is primarily because beginners will lose the board in case they do not do this. The water will also steal the board if it is not monitored closely. A safety nose guard may also be used to prevent any harm. Make sure you are going with a friend or a family member. If something bad has happened to you, you will be able to call someone for help. People who have mastered the sport may help you as well.

These points must always be remembered before you go surfing. Now that we have covered them extensively, you’re ready to learn how to surf!